Please note that companies & individuals engaging in unauthorized use of our product images & contents, reselling our merchandise, or arbitrarily inflating their product market prices may face legal consequences. Any entity engaging in excessive purchases for resale of our products may face potential trading restrictions and refund processes at our discretion.



1. Reselling our products without obtaining prior permission is strictly prohibited. We kindly request that you seek our authorization before engaging in any resale activities. Additionally, we want to emphasize that any legal consequences arising from unauthorized reselling are the sole responsibility of the individuals involved. We appreciate your understanding and cooperation in this matter. 

Our team reserves the right to cancel orders in cases where there is a pattern of repetitive purchases of the same product or if an order is suspected of being for resale purposes. This policy has been implemented to safeguard the integrity of our customers' purchasing experience.

Please be assured that this decision is made with careful consideration, and our primary goal is to maintain a fair and secure environment for all our valued customers.


2. Copyright & Brand name 

Please kindly note that our brand contents are protected by copyright. You can resell our product, but can't use our brand name, photos, videos or any other creative contents for your private business without any permission from us. Just because you found our creatives online, doesn't mean it's free to use. All original work is protected under copyright when it's created. We are ready to take legal action against any companies that copy our brand name or contents. Please be aware in advance that stealing content is legally disadvantageous in South Africa or anywhere in the world.