Online Packing


Simple Paper Wrapping


At THE FITZ STUDIO, we're committed to reducing our environmental impact and to providing much reasonable product price by reducing unnecessary packaging costs, and one way we're doing that is by using simple, eco-friendly packaging for our products. Our packaging paper wrap or paper box is made from recycled brown paper, which means it's not only better for the planet, but also for you. And also, by reducing dimensional weight and size, it helps us to significantly reduce packaging costs and unnecessary product costs. In conclusion, this is what motivates us and provides us with the resources to offer our customers better quality products and shipping service at more affordable prices.


We do not raise the price of our products due to fancy (or referred to as "beautiful") packaging, nor do we market our packaging. As a SA fashion company that receives a large number of online orders daily and is involved in packaging, we are committed to researching and striving for packaging that is more environmentally friendly and service-oriented. Our customers who support us are already making wise consumption choices, and we promise to continue providing packaging that is more environmentally friendly and practical to match their interests. By choosing our products, you can feel good about making a responsible and smart choice for the environment and your reasonable consumption. 





Your order will be nicely packaged in thin plastic bag and paper packing. When you order more jewellery items from our store, you will receive a paper box that you can reuse for storage and to keep your pieces organised. 

Please be aware in advance that the appearance of the packaging may vary slightly depending on the packaging staff. Because it's something that people do, there can be some differences. We sell jewellery, not wrapping paper or packaging service. Please understand our packing service in advance so that our jewellery can be sold at a more reasonable price to you. If you'd like to give a gift, you can purchase our pouch or yellow box online or in store.