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As you may already know, our brand hasn't engaged in marketing through
social media influencers like other companies. We believe that product reviews should be honest, especially when it comes to jewellery that is worn directly
on the skin. We're also feeling weary of product promotion being determined
more by marketing than by quality or price
due to the overly generalized influencer marketing trend.
We trust that word-of-mouth from customers who purchase and
use our products has the greatest impact. In fact, we've only shared reviews
on social media from customers who have purchased our products and tagged us, and we've received a lot of love from many people.
As a result, we approach collaborations and marketing decisions more cautiously.
We carefully consider collaborations and endeavor to create even better content.
We hope our products are honestly portrayed in content without embellishment, and for this, every team puts in effort.
And if you're interested in collaborating with us, please familiarize yourself
with the following conditions before sending an email.
THE FTIZ Jewellery is looking for new content creators to join our community!
Are you interested in THE FITZ Jewellery
& do you meet the following requirements, then send an email!

✓ You are a good match with THE FITZ Jewellery
✓ You create the best and most creative content
✓ You are 18 years or older
✓ You have a (minimum) reach of 5.000 followers on Instagram,
TikTok or 5.000 YouTube subscribers?

Would you also like to collaborate with THE FITZ Jewellery? 

Do you have a media request, are you interested in blogging,

or do you want to pitch an idea?

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