Alloy Jewellery Care

Alloy Jewellery Care

Please take extra care when wearing the jewellery.
Here are tips of how to care for your 14K gold plated & metal jewellery.

Always remove your jewellery before entering a shower, bath, swimming pool
or the sea as water will cause tarnishing, especially chlorine can cause
extreme tarnishing and damaging your jewellery.

Take your jewellery off before exercising, at the gym, cleaning, gardening or
any activity which could damage your jewellery.
Perspiration can also make your jewellery tarnished.

When applying lotions, cosmetics, perfume, skin and hair products,
please make sure they have settled before you put on your jewellery
as chemicals in these products can cause tarnish and discolour to your jewellery.

Remove your jewellery when you go to bed.

Hot and damp condition can cause tarnish to the jewellery,
so do not place your jewellery in the bathroom, windowsills or heating vents.
Ideally, store your jewellery in a plastic bag included in your purchase.